We got a call from a client yesterday asking if our speed data was accurate. Naturally we confirmed that it was. The client was rather shaken as he had a vehicle that was shall we say well over the speed limit…like REALLY WELL OVER!

This a frequent issue for any business owner with a fleet of more than 1 vehicle. We dispatch our drivers in our FULLY BRANDED vehicles and HOPE that they are doing the right thing.

Hope isn’t a reliable process and has a LOT of risk associated with it. The risk for business owners is going up with changes to liability laws. Yes, there are some strong businesses who sit their staff down and ask them if they want to retain their job after traveling just 3 kph over the speed limit! Major companies with big fleets on the road can’t afford complacency, but then again nor should any business!

Our client got a wake up call and is taking affirmative action to ensure that his drivers are driving at a safe speed. We are installing new Dart2 GPS trackers into the rest of their fleet, and also creating speeding alerts and weekly reports. We will even send the speeding alert to the driver if necessary so he knows his boss knows!

So the question is, how fast do your drivers drive?…

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