GPS Boss Battery Powered Yabby GPS Tracker Recovers $10,000 Trailer Within Hours!!

Yesterday our client recovered their $10,000 trailer that had been stolen within hours of enabling Asset Recovery Mode. The police were successful in arresting the thieves and thanks to our client’s tracker found a trove of other stolen assets. This just proves to us again that GPS tracking is a profit centre, not a cost […]

Nice RFID Driver ID Installation!

This client has 16 vehicles driving all over the place. The only way to keep efficient control over who was driving on which day is to implement a Driver ID solution. Here is an installation we just complete at the Dealer’s yard. Our RFID reader sits nicely in this vehicle – functional, yet out of […]

GPS Tracking Is A Profit Center, Not A Cost One!!

GPS Boss is one of Australia’s leading resellers of the range of outstanding battery powered and hardwired GPS trackers from Digital Matter. There is a reason Tier 1 Civil contractors, National Car Hire Companies, Service Contractors, and a wide range of SME’s all trust GPS Boss to provide their GPS solutions. Our brand promise is […]

How Fast Do Your Drivers Drive?…(Any Idea??)

We got a call from a client yesterday asking if our speed data was accurate. Naturally we confirmed that it was. The client was rather shaken as he had a vehicle that was shall we say well over the speed limit…like REALLY WELL OVER! This a frequent issue for any business owner with a fleet […]